What is a Handyman Service?

Despite the size of your home, keeping it very well may be a battle. Might not have the opportunity for the tools to achieve everything on your plan day; what you do have is to call us. Alpha Zenith handyman service is here, with a solid group of specialists who offer handyman services of all trades administrations with a satisfactory result. Handyman someone performs a wide range of tasks from easy to complicated for an individual or a group at a residential or commercial location.

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Top 5 Handyman Service company in Singapore

i) Alpha Zenith





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Why choose us?

Here at Alpha Zenith, we offer high quality and professional handyman service all over Singapore, in which spread a full scope of redesigning, home fixing, and home improvement administrations for the outside and inside of the home. Our highly trained Handyman will analyse your house or office at first and complete the task in the given time. We use the latest tool in your house to make our work faster. Our professionals have elevated expectations of the work that they ensure that work is done accurately for the first time. A handyman is professional at there service.

No matter, if you need help with floorboard being in another place, painting a room, or fixing a deck, we are only a call away from helping you. The best way to keep your home working is to take care of the small problems as they come, as many more minor issues become more significant problems.

Our trained Handyman can efficiently resolve and also put in several things about your property. From installing the flooring to making customised items to fixing water leaks, our staff does it all. Even if you need help hanging curtains and pictures, our team is happy to assist you.

When you put up your house on sale, you can take our help. Since we work quickly, we can fix any of the last-second repairs that are needed to pass house Inspections. We can make your home more attractive with a new coat of paint, new flooring, built-ins, or just by making small improvements around the house. The buyers are very much picky when they are buying a home, and having all the work done before they see the place is essential.

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With a competitive market, any minor problems can cause the buyers to pick another home. Along with helping your home sell faster, many of the services that we provide will help your house sell for a higher price.

From the estimate to the final clean up, our handymen work to provide high-quality professional work and customer service. Our expert handyman works to meet your requirements and minimises the number of disruptions for you. Our customers are precious to us, and we take your safety very seriously. We make sure that customers, their families, and pets protected during the process.

Our prices are low and fair for all the services that we provide. The next time that you need house repairs, improvements, or help from a handyman, give Alpha Zenith a call. We'll give you an estimate for all of your house or office repair needs. We can also answer any questions that you have about our handyman service or other services we have

Call us today to get an estimate to take care of your house or office repair need.

What are the benefits of having a handyman?

Every home needs some sort of maintenance and repair work now and then. Still, with a busy work and tight schedule doing all the repair works without taking any professional or expert handyman, help can be a difficult thing to handle.

A professional handyman can help you with every small and big task and give you complete satisfactory results.

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Benefits of Hiring Handyman Services:

  1. Save Time

A handyman is prepared and has the right equipment, tools, material, and know-how to get the task done quickly, efficiently. 

  1. Save Money

You are likely to spend huge money on your house improvement task if it has to be redone by you or someone else who have limited tool and knowledge about the task. Pay once us and have the task done right. Handyman often guarantees

their work, which ensures the job gets completed.

  1. Simplicity

Instead of hiring two-three contractors for every repair, you need to, and you can hire a handyman to get them all your work done. It saves your money as all the handymen often charge hourly and only have one or two employees, themselves to base it on. They are also able to work on more than one task at the same time and get everything checked off your list.

  1. Safety

A professional handyman has the right knowledge and experience to use the specific

tools and material to complete the task safely, quickly and efficiently.

  1. Variety of Skills

Many homeowners consider the idea of a handyman once they have repairs; however, they do not know who to contact. A handyman is better-known to try a variety of work from

assembling outdoor sheds and gas grills to hanging Christmas lights and decorations.

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What Do Handyman Services Include?

A handyman is a professional skilled to perform various work and jobs.

With various services that a professional handyman can do, most people hire them for

minor to major problems.

Here is a list of jobs you may want to hire a handyman for:






Cleaning and Repairing Drains

Install Hardwood Flooring

Installing Light Fixtures, Large Mirrors or Artwork, Window Treatments


Minor Roofing Repairs


Repairing Drywall

Weatherproofing Indoors and Outdoors