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Painting Service In Singapore: 

Painting a house, office, a restaurant can be a tiring job or can be an entertaining one if you have given the task to a professional painter in Singapore. Working at sensible costs and giving a full description of our specialists' endeavors can carry warmth and comfort to your home, office.Utilizing subjective materials and current procedures we can carry comfort to your home

Painting Service:

If you want to get your home, office, commercial space painted by the best painting professional in Singapore, Alpha Zenith is here to solve your problem.

Alpha Zenith offers a wide range of services like Wall plasterwork, Power washing, Drywall repair, Waterproofing, Wall Painting, Custom Design Color, Floor coating, Weather coat, Distemper, and many more. 


Top 5 Best Painting Service Provider Company in Singapore:

i) Alpha Zenith






Why needs Painting Service:

i) They have the right tools

ii) They are expert

iii) They will save you money and time

iv) They offer you a warranty

v) They will guide you all the way

Why Choose Us: 

We give the best painting administration at a moderate and cheap cost. Our expert consultant will guide you through the color combination, which materials to use and with the spending plans. Our experts are highly skilled and talented and can finish the job in your favorable timetable and deadline, conveying a quick and fulfilling painting experience. We give our services all over Singapore.

Professional Painting Services:

Alpha Zenith offers you an experience to express yourself through your space, be it your house painting or your office painting. A professional painting company, offering all types of residential and commercial painting services in Singapore and our service includes Interior house painting services, exterior wall painting, textured painting, wood painting services, etc. Our house painters convert your house into a home and your office into a space of comfort. We have a highly experienced team providing the work with excellence and leaving a mark of satisfaction and happiness on the customer.

Interior Painting

We do it all. Be it the interior wall painting of your beautiful house to the interior of your awesome working premises. Since you spend most of your time in these two places, we want to make it the perfect version of itself. Now, you don’t have to look at your imperfections on the walls. The well-trained home painters of Alpha Zenith are always present for your service. They give unmatched services. Our expert team will help you to choose the color that will suit your house style and your personality. Our professional home painters are experts in interior wall painting. Their designs and color selection is one of its kinds and it will add depth and texture to your house and office walls. If you want to sit back and relax while the interior walls of your house and walls get a makeover then call us.


Exterior Painting:

One should never underestimate the effect of a clean and painted exterior wall in your home. That’s why you should make your first impression a good one. Though you can do the painting yourself it's recommended to hire the best painting service in Singapore.

We, at Alpha Zenith, transform your renovation into investment. Whether you want to decide to paint your windows, door or your siding, our professional painters offer it all. We deliver an easy return on investment by enhancing the look in your home using the right exterior house color.

Our experienced team makes sure that your daily routine is not disturbed. Once you reach out to us we will schedule a time for you. Before we do the painting, we will cover the plants and trees, fill the holes or cracks in the walls and wash the surface as a part of pre-preparation.

We understand the importance of choosing the right exterior house color and we have also realized that you might need our assistance in the process.

Our experts will help with the basics of exterior house color schemes and ideas so that you can find the perfect color for your space.



At Alpha Zenith Painting Services, we fully appreciate how busy business owners can be and understand that work downtime needs to be kept to a minimum. We can provide our commercial painting services whilst you work, causing minimal disruption to your work environment. Alternatively, our professional painters can work when you are closed if you prefer. All painting projects are carried out in the safest possible manner and our current accident record is zero across Singapore. 




How We Work:

Alpha Zenith is consistently there to help and bolster clients in any capacity. With a simple 4 step process, we help the client pick and fix a reasonable arrangement as indicated by their needs.


Step 1: If you are particular about your budget or have a specific design in mind; you can get in touch with our team anytime to receive an estimate.


Step 2: We work around the clock to ensure you receive the final cost within 24 hours.


Step 3: As you kick back and wait for the final product, our team works tirelessly to create a space that resonates with your needs.


Step 4: Our skilled project managers are here to render an intrinsic quality inspection prior to all the work done by us.