House Moving service


Looking for short or long-term temporary warehouse storage service in Singapore? We Alpha Zenith Movers provide all kinds of warehouse storage facilities for long is the short time in Singapore.

If your new residence is not properly prepared to live, but you are thinking about moving. Or, when you sold your previous home or your current apartment is in the development process. Now you need some extra storage space. This time we can help you. We provide a simple and flexible solution to your problem. As part of the moving process, we will store your property in our safest, suitable storage facilities. You can keep their storage until your new house is ready, and then move them to your new place when ready.


You may want to store items for a few weeks or a few months. Or, you may need to keep some items in storage for six months, a year, or even longer. Whatever your times frame, Alpha Zenith has a service to fit your plans. Storage capabilities and service options vary from agent to agent. What does storage options Alpha Zenith offer?


  • Furniture and accessories storage.
  • Automobile, motorcycle, boat, recreational vehicle (RV) storage.
  • Secure outdoor storage
  • Air-conditioned, or climate-controlled storage
  • Equal distribution strategy
  • 24/7 self-storage
  • Allocation strategies.
  • Storage space adaptation Storing goods in dynamic storage systems


Singapore Alpha Zenith Movers provide you secure & safe move. There is no job too small or too big for us! We will be pleased to serve you upon request. We provide a FREE on-site quotation and deploy our team of professional consultants to provide you with an accurate quote. Our teams are experienced and skilled. If you require anything, we are willing to listen and do our best to assist you in all ways. We treat all our client’s furnishings with care, wrapping it securely and moving them to your new site in its original condition.

Choose Singapore Alpha Zenith Movers for your next relocation and book a FREE on-site quotation with us. Our team of consultants will be there at their next available slot to meet you to advise you and introduce our service to assist you. With us around, you will be guaranteed satisfaction, hassle-free, and stress-free moving experience.


Advance security system, daily lock check, well placed closed-circuit camera, and light ensure your property are safe.


You can store your belongings at a low & affordable cost with Alpha Zenith Movers.


Alpha Zenith Movers provide you short & long-term storage facility for both residential and commercial uses.  

After all, Alpha Zenith mover can be the best choice for your temporary warehouse storage in Singapore. So without any hesitation, you can ask for a free Quotation or contact us at +65 9832-2028