You may find a lot of moving service providers in Singapore, but not all companies provide as reliable services as AZ Movers do. We have been providing top-notch services to our clients for several years.

Unmatched Quality Service

Every client has unique moving needs, and we strive to meet them as expeditiously and effortlessly as possible. Offering unmatched moving services at a reasonable price is what we are well known for.

Our company offers domestic moving and relocation services with a personalized touch all over Singapore. Our reputation as a leading countrywide relocation and moving company in Singapore is well established.

 Hundreds of organizations and individuals partner with us. With the highest quality moving services in Singapore, very few can come close to us as the most dependable mover and packer. 

To provide our clients with free quotes, our professional team will approach them. We will give precise details about our various services and help you to choose the best one for you.

Best Quality Moving Service Provider

Our service providers handle all types of moves. Regardless of your move's size, our experts are always at your service to ensure systematic service for you.

Whether you want us to house moving services or commercial moving services, our special team can treat you all precisely without giving you any chance to complain.

Getting moving services from AZ Movers means you get cost-efficient, fast, and reliable service.

What Services We Provide

SME Solutions

AZ Movers provides dependable, specialist, and on-demand logistics services for small and medium businesses to better supply chain management. Managing, tracking, and paying huge delivery services is as simple as a few clicks.

A Wide Range of Solutions

Renowned multinational corporations are among our clients. Our customize, tech-enabled logistics system is designed to decrease expense and boost operational efficiency.

We are experts in providing various services, including —

·         Moving services

·         Plumbing service

·         Furniture disposal service

·         Storage space service

·         Electrical service

·         Handyman service

·         Floor polishing service

·         Renovation contractor service

Our Core Brand Value


We always give priority to respect. Everyone is treated with respect at our company. We don't only build a respectful relationship with our clients but also ensure a respectful environment inside our company.


Having respect first is the key to gaining faith. We always thrive on earning our stakeholders' conviction on us by providing quality service to customers.

Clear To Customers

We are always committed to providing simple, clear, and fast services to our clients. Our goal is to make life easier for the organization, its employees, its clients, and other related parties.


We always take our clients' things as our own property. Keeping them in damage-free conditions is what we give priority. Maximum safety!


We always to our clients. We do what we promise. If anything happens to your things due to use, we take full responsibility.

Technologies For Advocacy

As a tech-based organization, we dominate the advances in technology to ensure top-notch customer satisfaction.


We always believe, "no risk, no gain." But before we are taking any big risk for high earning, we exercise caution in everything we do.

Our Plan for AZ Mover's Growth

Continual improvement is at the central point of our business plan. Learning and development can be enhanced through strategic partnerships.

Investment in skills development is one of our core values as employees are our most important resource for our company.

Due to technological developments and increasing competition, our company needs to hone our men's skills to flourish in a disruptive world.


Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption Policy

Providing quality moving services is the focus of AZ Movers. Our organization has zero-tolerance against corruption, bribery, and fraud. Our company adheres to all rules, regulations, and laws that govern anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

We intend this policy to apply to all AZ Movers or any subsidiary within it and its staff, operatives, suppliers, and advisors.

In general, bribery refers to the payment of money or other inducements to induce someone to do something. It is not only cash that is involved in bribes. Bribery can be in different forms, such as fancy gifts, costly dinners and wines, tickets to sporting events, gemstones or ornaments, etc.

Despite the challenges we face, we are committed to ensuring all clients, suppliers, business partners, and associates comply with our code of conduct:

·         Bribery should never be practiced either directly or indirectly.

·         You are always encouraged to inform the appropriate authorities about improper payments.

·         We always say no to any improper payment and don't approve any improper payment to any person, company, or third party.

·         Do not interact with someone who is breaking the law or regulation.

·         Don't try to persuade someone to commit an illegal act or to act inappropriately.

·         Paying for a service level to which one is not usually entitled should never be practiced.

·         You neither should offer nor receive any gift, kickbacks, cash, commissions from any party while doing any business agreement with us.

As long as they comply with this policy, the following practices are permitted:

·         An appropriate and usual level of hospitality: You can take or receive promotional gifts if you are a client, deal, advisor, or any closed related group to AZ Movers.

·         Any closely related parties can offer or receive gifts on special occasions.



Data Privacy Protection Policy

Customer, employee, and business partner information is confidential to us.

·         Our information security management system will continue to be improved.

·         It is our responsibility to adhere to information security requirements.

We only share the information we collect from our clients to the related parties (authorities, bodies, or agencies) who need them.

·         We don't practice asking for extra client details unless we need them for official purposes.

·         We don't practice any profiling based on the information customers provide.

·         We don't use personal data to make automated decisions.

·         No third-party agency or authorities will learn about our client information unless any legal requirement arises.

·         We don't practice selling our customers' personal information for any financial purposes.

·         Accordingly, we comply with privacy laws in every country where our business takes place.

·         At the first point of contact, customers are given notice about information privacy.

·         All our staffs are strictly prohibited from revealing any customers' private information, and if they break the rules knowingly, sanctions may apply.

·         To keep our customers' information safer, we train our employees regularly with professional data experts.


Environmental Policy

Like other policies, we also ensure high commitment for environmental purposes.

·         Continuous advancement and avoidance of pollution are at the heart of our environmental control system.

·         Complying with regulations and other legal requirements is very important to us.

·         We always strive to achieve maximum efficiency in everything we do since environmental gains are generated in this way.


Our environmental objectives have therefore been set as follows for the AZ  Movers:

·         During official communications and training, we promote environmental awareness.

·         If possible, we try to use materials that can be used multiple times, especially for removals.

·         As part of our official meetings and network communications, we raise awareness of environmental issues.

·         When planning business trips, we consider the environmental impact of the various forms of transportation.

·         Our goal is TO keep environmental incidents as low as possible.

Health & Safety Policy

Health and safety are more crucial to us as it impacts our lives and lifestyle.

·         Preventing injuries and sickness is one of our priorities.

·         Our management is constantly improving occupational Health and Safety.

·         Our company is dedicated to complying with all applicable labor laws, as well as other relevant legal requirements

·         As part of our control hierarchy, we proactively recognize control and eliminate any potential safety concerns for our employees, customers, and third parties.

Accordingly, the AZ Movers has determined the following health and safety purposes:

·         In all official communications and training, we give more priority to health & safety.

·         The company takes proactive steps to identify progress, criteria, etc., that can promote safe and healthy operation.

·         As part of our efforts to raise awareness about occupational health and safety, we work with fellow employees, member companies, and customers.

·         Training and drills are conducted annually to ensure safety.

·         We aim to have zero accidents while operating our business.

Antitrust Charter

The entire AZ Movers team conducts business with the top level of integrity and honesty.

We try to adhere to the regulations of the FIDI Anti-Trust Charter, which fights to end Cartels and unfair practices, to be compliant with FIDI FAIM requirements.

Our business complies with all antitrust laws, including the Singapore Competition Act 2004. Plus, no unethical, illegal, or unfair practices are ever used to gain an advantage over our competitors.

We are committed to fighting cartels that restrict competition among suppliers in the interest of consumers. Any worker, agent, dealer, advisor, contractor, party, firm, or entity associated with AZ Movers Movers or any of its subsidiaries and workers are subject to this policy.

What Is a Cartel?

A cartel is a group of people from an organization or other entities that monopolizes a market or engages in illegal activities, or fixes prices together

In most jurisdictions, cartels are considered the most flagrant antitrust violations. A violation of this rule is supposed to be punished with criminal charges as well as significant fines.

Code of Conduct

Those who work for us, our customers, trading partners, and suppliers are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct to meet our commitments and provide peerless relocation service to our customers:

·         Avoid contacting a competitor or another third party directly or indirectly in the hopes of engaging in cartel behavior or practices.

·         Directly or indirectly, never make an agreement regarding sensitive competition issues with real or potential opponents, whether formally or informally.

·         Maintain independence when determining product prices or selling services.

·         No information should be modified or changed to hide any unethical things from the antitrust authorities.

·         No sensitive competition-related issues should be discussed during official meetings. If so, it needs to stop immediately. Our employees must leave the meeting room without any further delay.

·         Don't disclose or discuss any commercial information with competitors or third parties during commercial negotiations.

A Reliable Moving Service!

We all need some assistance at times, and most people would not be suited to moving independently. Your move will be made less painful and handier by retaining the services of AZ Movers.

Don't worry about the heavy lifting - we're here to help. It's simply a matter of scheduling the date and time for you, and let us handle the rest.

Reliable, swift, and cost-effective are the characteristics of our professional movers. Our relocation services are guaranteed to satisfy you at each stage.

We are here to ensure that moving needs are met as efficiently and as stress-free as possible. For assistance in moving your possessions, contact us today!