Light & Fan Installation

Are you wondering this goldenquestion: "where to find the best electrical service near me?" Hireonly the best electrical service company in Singapore to properly maintain yourelectrical system at home. Your family and your self will be protected for theforeseeable future.

Here are the services we offer atAZ Movers & Traders:

Power Outage

You may suffer damage from poweroutages, which are both inconvenient and damaging. What causes them? The wiringin your home can be disrupted, resulting in power failures and trips. Wiringdisruptions occur anywhere along with the network, making pinpointing thesource challenging.

As soon as possible, it is crucialto get the power back on. Our electricians are trained and knowledgeable in electricalfields. Their electrical skills include dealing with power failures as well. Soif you experience a power outage, let us handle it quickly to get your house orbusiness site back up and running.

Light Installation

Lighting is so simple to change,but the installation of more complex lights might be complicated if theelectrical outlet is involved. Here is the list of light installation serviceswe provide.

·        Repairing light

·        Installing light or lighting source

·        Replacing light switches, bulbs, and lightfittings

·        Replacing or installing power outlets

Switch Installation

Our electricians can install anyelectrical switch you need at AZ Movers & Traders. Installing andconfiguring any switch is a breeze for us! The ability to operate differenttypes of switches requires skill and experience and our team is well-versed inthis. We have all the training andequipment necessary to help you install new switches and ensure your switches arenot faulty in any other way.

Power Socket Installation

The condition of a power outlet gradually deteriorateswith time. At worst, you may find that it doesn't have any electricity. Thiscan occur due to natural wear, a burned electrical cable, or even mistakes inthe initial installation. Apart from that, it may also happen due to opencircuits, circuit overload, or short circuits.

If you are looking for the best electrical service provider inSingapore to replace your defective power socket and other related issues, youcan trust AZ Movers & Traders. As per our customers' requirements, we offervarious sockets include type M and type G.

Ceiling Fan Installation

If there is a heat wave where you live, ceiling fans can comfort youin your office or home. It also saves your electrical cost as you don't alwaysneed to use the air conditioner.

AZ Movers & Traders is an experton dealing with and installing various ceiling fans. Our workforce will suggestyou install it at the best spot for maximum airflow. Even you can take suggestionsfrom us on which type of ceiling fan you should install based on the home/officeenvironment.

We will ensure reliable service for correct wire connection and properattachment of the ceiling fan. 

Electrical Wiring

Our team of professionals canalso help you with electrical installations for bigger home appliances such asair conditioners, TVs, fridges, washing machines. When you make contact withus, we will disclose the total installation cost in advance. No additional feesor hidden costs will be charged for installation.

Installing electrical wires is acomplex process, which an experienced electrical service company shouldundertake. Our employees have years of training and practice to perform thebest electrical service and repair in Singapore

It is essential you find a knowledgeableand fast person to help you fix your electrical problems. Sadly, very fewelectricians give importance to your concerns and your life. Prompt payment isall they are interested in, so they can jump on their next task.

AZ Movers & Traders is anelectrical service companyin Singapore that is different from the mediocre ones you are used to. We arerenowned for offering top-notch quality service and solution to our customers.

Dedicated to providing high-qualityelectrical service, we have highly skilled electricians in every field. We areexperts in that field, from troubleshooting electrical problems, replacingwires, adding outlets, and installing appliances to rewiring a home.

Why Choose AZ Movers & Traders For ElectricalService Singapore?

We are committed to provideexceptional quality electrical service in Singapore. Additionally, we give 100%guarantees to do the job exactly as required. To give our client the maximumsatisfaction, we'll work with you during the process.

·        With years of experience and highly skilledworkers, we can provide 5-star rating services.

·        We offer honest, transparent, and affordableprices to fit your budget.

·        Professionals from our electrical servicecompany can fit your schedule based on your convenience.

·        We will dispatch our team to your location assoon as possible.

·        We offer a warranty for our work too.

AZ Movers & Traders Electrical Service & Repair

Apart from providing many specific electrical services, wealso work as an electrical service Repair Company. Our electrical service involves inmultiple sectors, from normal electrical switches to business services.

No matter what service you arelooking for, we encourage you to contact us. No matter what electrical issueyou have, we're here to help.

Our electricians are trained andskilled to the highest standards at AZ Movers & Traders. Hence, we areexperts in repairing or replacing any electrical unit that you are facing issueswith. First, we will find out whatelectrical equipment are need be repaired or replaced and then our electricianswill work on them as fast as possible.

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