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Best Parquet Floor Polishing That Wins Customers

An interior design that includes parquet floors will look great. The way it creates a rustic appearance in any room of the house makes one mesmerizing. As a result, the room appears a lot warmer and cozier. But the problem is these beautiful tiles are delicately made, and they are crazy expensive. Hence, regularly taking good care of them is mandatory. 

The natural color of the parquet floor fades over time, and also, fragments may become noticeable when they become old. They start losing their "brand-new" shine as time passes. Does it cause any impact on the parquet floor quality? It does, for sure. However, you can also drastically improve your floor's appearance by keeping it pristine.

Parquet Floor Polishing Household Necessities

Parquet floor polishing is not an easy-peasy job due to its harshness and ultra-smoothness. Its glossy surface shouldn't be damaged for apparent reasons.

Using any random parquet floor cleaner polish may damage the shiny coat of the parquet floor. Also, large-scale usage makes it prone to color fade.

Avoiding damage is the safest course of action. Parquet floors can be kept lustrous by restricting foot traffic or by using carpets. While following parquet floor polish DIY, polishing the floor with too much wax can harm the floor. The reason is that wax accumulates over time. Make sure you don't keep any heavy objects on the parquet surface. More objects on the surfaces may have the chance of breaking it more quickly. In this case, you may accidentally damage the parquet floor with a chip.

Why Do Parquet Floor Polishing?

·        It restores the glossy shine of the parquet floor

·        It improves and protects wood quality

·        It prevents random scratches and wears and tear

·        It adds a thick coating of wax on the surface

·        It may save the hassle of implementing the sanding step

·        It creates a perfect, allergy-friendly environment

·        It makes the job of cleaning easier

·        It makes the parquet floor stain resistant

·        It enhances parquet floor lifespan

Restore the Lustrous Appearance of Your Parquet Wood Floor

You can attain several levels of perfection in Parquet Floor Repair. Details are the only thing we value. During refinishing, we pick the approach that works best for each floor.

Step 1 — Repairing Floors

·        Repairing loose boards

·        Getting rid of old nails and tracks that are rusted

·        Fixing protruding nails with hammers

·        Changing broken or completely worn boards

Step 2 — Closing of Gaps

·        Floors become smooth under this approach

·        Floorboards will not get clogged with dust and dirt

·        Giving it a more shiny appearance

Step 3 — Sanding Parquet Floors

·        The process of smoothing and beautifying your wooden floor

Step 4 — Staining Parquet Floors

·        It changes the floor color

·        This brings out the natural grain in the wood

Step 5 — Floor Finishing

·        Your floor is protected by finishing and sealing it properly

·        Perhaps the most crucial step is the quality of the seal

Parquet Floor Polishing Singapore Pricing

Looking for an affordable parquet floor polishing Singapore pricing option? We offer various parquet floor polish price options based on our customers' requirements.

·        $200-$220 for spot repairs

·        $500 for dining/drawing room (up to 500sqft)

·        For more than 500sqft, please contact us directly through email or our listed phone number.

Noted: They reflect merely the estimated costs of add-on services. Depending on your exact location and the pricing plan offered by the company, you might end up paying more or less for the job.

Is It Better To Hire A Professional Or Do It Yourself?

Are you in the ocean of confusion about whether you should hire a professional for parquet floor polishing or do it yourself? Parquet floor polishing involves a structural task. Additionally, to sand the flooring correctly, you need an electronic edge and floor sander of high power. Only an expert should use it.

An experienced professional can assist you for polish the parquet floor. As a result, you have no hassles for spending a huge time to complete the task. Parquet floor polishing requires a lot of equipment and tools, which you may not have at home. So, you have to borrow it from a nearby store if you decide to do a parquet floor polish DIY project.

However, when you get a professional parquet floor polishing service, they will come with all the necessary tools that are needed to polish parquet floor. Hence, you just need to pay the replacement parts (or buy them of your own) and the parquet floor polish price for the service they provide. Handing over this task to a professional parquet floor polishing service provider doesn't only save your time but also ensures perfection. For that, you want to make sure that you hire the best parquet floor polishing that wins customers through their quality service.

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