Professional Furniture Movers in Singapore | Cheap Relocation Services

Professional Furniture Movers in Singapore | Cheap Relocation Services

When you move into a new home, it should be a happyexperience. Everyone experiences this milestone at some point in their lives.We all hope for a better future with every move we make. Choosing professional furniture movers inSingapore will keep you worry-free while moving your household items safely andcarefully.

AZ Movers —An Emblem Of Trustworthiness

Among Singapore's most trusted movers, we are committed toproviding customers with reliable services. You have no reason to panicyourself about these issues if you let us handle them for you.

About Us – AZ Movers & Traders

Whether for your household or your business, AZ furniture Movers is yourreliable partner when moving. Apartfrom helping you moving your properties safely, our goal is to reduce thestress involved in this process. This is what makes us one of the most delicatefurniture movers inSingapore.

You may wonder why AZ Singapore professional movers 'clients respect them as one of the best Singapore Furniture movers. Our highly skilledworkers take a lot of credit for that. We have around 50 experiencedemployees in your company who are experts in their own job separately.

From site visits to packing to safe moving, they are trainedappropriately to deal with all tasks. More importantly, they can handle anyemergencies that arise due to unavoidable circumstances. Moving your valuableitems safely, carefully, and effortlessly is what we care for the most. 

Why Choose Quality FurnitureMovers?

There is a lot of hassle involved in moving furniture.Considering its size, it is big and bulky. You may permanently damage yourfurniture if you do not handle it appropriately. That's why taking reliable,and professional furnituremovers in Singapore is always recommended. At AZ Movers, we know everything you own is valuable.Therefore, we treat each furniture item with the utmost care to ensure nodamage— not even asingle scratch willingly. We will go for additional precautions to safeguard thefurniture during transportation.

Why Choose AZ Movers For Furniture Movers?

Choosing reliable Singapore house movers gives you several advantages. Ouruniqueness is evident in the following reasons from other furniture movers inSingapore.

We Are Established

We have been well-knowing for providing high-quality housemoving services for several years throughout Singapore. AZ house or Office movers Singapore followsits own ethical standards and plans to provide customers a smooth andhassle-free housing or office moving service.

We Are Experienced

Working in the moving industry for a prolonged time made usan expert. So, it is not hard to see why we provide exceptional qualityservices to our clients with the help of professional workers.

We Are Punctual 

Punctuality is a great virtue. We always try to provideservice on time as we promise. Our skilled workforce and modern equipment andvehicles allow us to do everything on time to prevent wasting our customers'valuable time.

We Are Careful

Whatever we do, we do it carefully. We ensure no damage toour client's assets. Moreover, we utilize premium-grade packaging materials towrap your personal belongings for enhanced protection. Also, everything we move is supported byinsurance.

We Are Certified

To provide our customers authentic services, we arecertified by several organizations such as IAM, AMSA, etc. Therefore, we establishedourselves as one of the best Singaporeprofessional movers.

We are Efficient

By moving everything efficiently, we take pride in being oneof the finest Singapore furniture movers. Above all, wealways try to achieve economy of scale for moving. Moving your itemsquickly with maximum productivity is what we are known for. 

We Have Accurate Quotation

Unlike many Singapore local movers, we follow accurate quotations to makeour pricing plan competitive and affordable. It becomes easy for customers tochoose a particular package as per their needs.

Our Procedure As Furniture Movers 

Step 1—Creating a List

First of all, our movers will create a list of all thefurniture you want to move. So, our team will have a better idea of the size ofyour furniture and the type of equipment needed to pack and disassemble them.Additionally, they will be able to assume how many vehicles are needed to loadthem correctly.

Step 2—Cleaning the Furniture

Don't stress yourself to clean your furniture; let us handlethe task. We will use damage-free cleaner to clean your furniture efficiently.Since we are professional, we handle it quickly and precisely. Cleaning yourfurniture decreases the hassle of doing it in your new home. You just set themup, and that's all. 

Step 3—Emptying Out All Furniture

Before moving to a new location, emptying out all thecontents is a rule of thumb. Bed frames carry extra weight, which makes movingmore difficult. Apart from that, additional weight may ruin the bed frame.

Step 4— Disassembling Massive Furniture

Many massive furniture have systems to disassemble them.This makes the moving task more manageable since you don't have to carry theitem as a whole. Further, it reduces the risk of damage.

Step 5— Packaging the Furniture

The final part is packaging all the furniture. We will usehigh-quality wrapping materials to wrap them properly. Additionally, we willadd more packaging if the furniture is prone to breakage issues. We will ensureno damage or scratches on all your furniture.

Step 6— Moving the Furniture

Our next task is moving the furniture to your desireddestination. Transporting them will be accomplished using our own vehicles. Sincewe have sufficient and large vehicles, we can go for quick moving.

Our professional workers will carry, load, and transportthem carefully. Anything that happens during the moving of the items will beour responsibility. However, you should inform us of the initial condition ofall your assets.

Step 7— Setting Up

After reaching your new home or office, we will unload thefurniture and other moving items and set them up in your new home or office. Wewill unpack them carefully, assemble the bulky furniture and finally set themup in your preferred place. That's what top-notch furniture movers do their tasks smoothly andefficiently. Now, take a sip of coffee and relax!

Our Testimonial

"I am pleased to get furniture moving services from AZMovers. They showed professionalism in every step of moving. They are sofriendly and helpful. All I have done is monitoring them, and they have doneeverything efficiently. Anyone looking for affordable yet budget movers Singaporewill surely love AZ Movers."

"We were looking for reliable Singaporehouse movers that could help us moving many massive furniture and otherhousehold items. Thankfully, we found AZ Movers, which helped us moveeverything to our new house for every possible. They were true to their wordsand completed the moving task in time."

"We own several large and sensitive furniture. That's why wewere searching for high-quality furniture movers in Singapore. Finally, AZ Movers moved ouritems carefully and safely without damaging or scratching any items. Thoughthey have some paperwork, we like their working method. They made sure nothing wentwrong. I will get their service again if I need it in the future."

Budget MoversSingapore

Are you looking for budget-friendly Singapore house movers? If yes, you willfind us the perfect choice. House moving is not an easy-peasy job that anyonecan do. Often people arefrustrated when they have no idea how to proceed. To make your move as seamless as possible, AZ furniture Movers hasrounded up some practical tips.

The first thing you should is doing some studies to findsome cheap Singapore local movers.Compare their offering price based on the advantages and select the best out ofthe best fit your needs. You won't have to compromise quality while notspending overly.

Apart from that, make sure you know everything about theirservices, especially the payment and cancellation. Check out if they willcharge any hidden cost. So, before signing any contracts, consider everythingyou should and then finally sign it if you think it fulfills your need.

We Help In Both Small And Large Scales!

We are available to help you, whatever the situation may be.From beginning to end, we will utilize every possible action for making it aconvenient furniture moving experience. Kindly reach us at the given number ifyou have a curiosity to learn more about our services.

Regardless of your needs, we offer free quotes with noobligation. Moving can be stressful, and we care for making it as effortless aswe can for our clients. Our staffs are highly skilled, and many of them worked asinternational movers inSingapore. They will move the items for you, so you don't haveto do a thing

How AZ Furniture Movers Stands Out From Competitors

Transport Fleets of All Sizes

The vehicles under our belt can handle everything from residentialand commercial moves to international moves. We have a variety of vehiclesranging from a 10 feet van to 15 feet covered truck with a tailgate. No matterwhat size your office move is, or whether you're moving in your home, we canhelp

Essential Equipment & Tools

We have all the essential equipment and moving tools to moveanything as office movers in Singapore or international movers inSingapore. In addition, we also own safety gear to ensure themaximum protection of our customers' properties. Our moving team will also providefree-of-charge cardboard boxes.

Facilities forStorage

As an added benefit, we also offer storage facilities for our customers,which we wholly own. Most importantly, we ensure top-level safety withan affordable pricing option to store your furniture or other household oroffice moving items. Regardless of the type of storage facilities you arelooking for, we can help you in all the possible ways.

Flexible & Personalized Furniture Movers

While looking for reliable furniture movers in Singapore, everyone prefersflexible Singapore professional movers. There are no two moves alike. At AZ Furniture Movers, Furniture moving serviceis tailored to the needs of each customer. Keeping you on time and withinbudget is our top priority. With complete transparency and clear guidance, we try tomake all steps as seamless as we can. Unlike other typical furniture movers inSingapore, we offer various types of services to meet our customers' highdemands and requirements.

The Cost of Furniture Movers in Singapore

Changing your house or office location is an excitingprospect, but you should focus first on fixing the issue you have at hand. Thecost is mainly associated with packing and making the moving items ready formoving to the new location. Relocating and moving doesn't work like any Singapore cheap movers. How much you need to pay for movingdepends on the amount of moving items you have and where you want to move them.More items mean more costs. Also, the further your moving location is, thehigher the total cost will be.

The charges for moving services in Singapore don't come with anestablished rate card but may include a variety of services, like:

  • Materials used for packing

  • Loading and unloading

  • Location distance from old to new

  • Disassembling and Setting up
  • Disposal
  •  Cost of insurance

  • Applicable Taxes

Whether you choose Singapore cheap movers or any fancy movers, mostof them will include these costs mentioned above.

Choose The Best Out Of The Best!

Having been in this industry for more than a decade, we offer awide range of services. The goal of our moving company is to provide allclients with a good moving experience. Moving is one of the most challenging tasks our moving teamtackles efficiently, politely and with extensive experience. You can rely on AZfurniture Movers tosolve your moving concerns no matter what situation you face. Getting youritems managed will be our responsibility.

The best residential and commercial moving company you'llfind is AZ furniture Movers. Singaporeclients can rely on us for all moving job-related needs. Every move with us isseamless and hassle-free, as we anticipate every client's needs. We always try to offer a budget-friendly moving package to suityour needs. Most importantly, we don't charge any hidden costs.