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Are you planning to shift to a new house? Can you manageyour own to move your items? Housing moving is a daunting task. It takes a lotof preparation. Hiring a professional house moving Singapore services will keep youstress-free while going for a successful move.

Why Hire Professional Housing Moving Services?

No matter how much or how little you want us to handle,we'll take care of it for you. As the only relocation company in Singapore, we offer a fullrange of services. We may take moving tasks as easy as moving from location A tolocation B, but many challenges are involved.

A simple wrong step may cost you heavily. Only professionalhousing moving Singapore services can help you for risk-free and quick moving. At AZ Movers, our team is dedicated to moving yourpossessions in a delicate manner and with the professionalism you expect duringthe move.

Why Choosing AZ Movers Benefits You?

We Are a Renowned Company

AZ Movers is a famous Housemoving Singapore service provider. We have earned the trust and credibility of ourcustomers over the years as movers with many years of experience. Thesuccessful rate of our Housemoving service is 99%. Hence, it is not hard to see we stand out fromother cheap movers inSingapore

We Have MovingLicense

Customers often fear hiring house movers as many of them don'thave a moving license. We know moving license increases trustworthiness. Sincewe have an authentic license from the Singaporean government, you have noreason to panic about getting cheated by scammers.

We Offer Affordable Pricing Options

Just because you want a quality house moving Singapore doesn't mean itneeds to be extremely expensive. As we offer affordable pricing options thanother Singapore movers services, almost allclasses of people can afford our House moving Singapore services

We Work Smoothly

Consistency in our work is what we love to do. Our humble,professional, punctual, and highly skilled workforce does everything perfectly.They have enough experiences and skills to handle difficult housing movingSingapore tasks. We value our customers' time, money, and resources. We doeverything to prevent wasting them. Our main goal is to move our client itemseffortlessly without causing any problems for our clients.

We Move Carefully

Each moving item is precious to our clients, and they wantany movers SG to takecare of them professionally. Our moving team is exceptionally careful, and theytake all precautious actions for risk-free moves.

Our experts will use extra equipment and packing tosafeguard your assets if necessary. We prefer safe moving for our clients. Nomatter how difficult the moving task is, we ensure no damage to our client'sproperties. If any of them damage your belongings, taking responsibility for repairingor replacing the items falls to us.

We Communicate Quickly

We have fast, responsive customers representatives who willanswer all questions. Just email us, call us, or come to our office directly.We prefer simplexes. Getting our House moving Singapore services isstraightforward no hassle, no fuss, no annoying bureaucracy.

We Don't ChargeExtra

Whether you hire our House moving service on public holidays, weekends,or regular days, we charge the same price for all days. While making House moving Singapore services dealwith us, our team will tell you the total cost. No hidden cost! So, there won'tbe any conflict between both parties upon completion of the moving task. All wecare customer satisfaction!

We are flexible

We understand most of us to maintaina busy routine life. Finding the right moving time is a little bit tough, butnot with AZ Movers. We are available as per our client's needs to provide moreflexibility. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to fulfill most customers'demand through our Housemoving Singapore services.

How Do We House Moving Singapore Services?

Once you reach us through free quotation, our expert teamwill contact you. They will fix a date and visit your current location for afree and non-obligation site survey.

They will inspect the type of moving items you have andsuggest to you the best moving package. If we agree, we will go for somepaperwork and finally fix a date for the moving day. We will come on the promised day, pack your moving itemscarefully with our high-quality wrapping materials, and put them in boxes forsafe moving. Our professional workers are appropriately trained to lift andload your valuable items carefully.

After loading the items, we will transport them to yourdesired location and unload and set them up properly at your new home. Followinga simple approach makes our task simple. We don't go for the hassle. That's whywe stand out!

Large Furniture

Do you have large furniture such as pianos, pool tables, orothers?  Wondering how to move themsafely? We understand these items have great value, and you want to hand overthis task to a reliable housemoving Singapore service provider. Unlike other house moving items, they need extra care toensure no damage. At AZ Movers, we have a special team to take of them. We willensure they are packaged, loaded, unloaded, transported, and set up perfectlythe way you want.

Disposal of Wastes

Housemoving Singapore task involves a lot of waste creation. That's why wetake pride in disposing of any wastes that are created while moving to a newhouse. AZ Movers follow all the Singapore rules and regulations fordisposing of wastes at the right place without harming the environment. Thedisposed of items will be either recycled or disposed of heavily.

AZ Movers & Traders Other Services


You think we are only well-known for providing House moving Singaporeservice? No! We have highly skilled and well-trained movers with years ofexperience in commercial moving. They know all the ins and outs of moving from theold office to the new office. Moving with AZ Movers means no disruption, fewerhassles, and minimal time for moving.

Storage Facilities

Often customers need storage facilities since they can'tmove right away. Thankfully, AZ Movers has personally-owned bulky warehouses tostore your moving items as long as you want. Your office equipment and otheritems will be kept as safe as possible by taking all necessary precautions. Movingwith us means you face less hassle.

Other Moving Services

Apart from these services, we offer other services such as wrappingand unwrapping, loading and unloading, and assembling services. AZ Movers isalways handy to provide various house moving services to its clients. AZ Movershas all the workforce, vehicles, protective gear and equipment to help in everyway for moving.

Several Types of HouseMoving Singapore Services

Single Items

Moving household appliances such as pianos, plants, etc., isone of our specialties. We have a special team for that.

Whole Apartments

Do you need to shift to a new destination? AZ Movers is areliable name to help you with house relocation. Our expert movers will help you in every possiblefor a fuss-free move without disruption.

Other movingservices:

  • Regular Student Move

  • Mini Move

  • Studio Flat

  • 1 to 5 Bed House

Simple Moving & RelocationTips

Relocationcan be highly stressful if done incorrectly. Your valuable items may be lost,damaged or the overall cost may be increased unreasonably.

At AZ Movers, we strive to make moving a joyful experiencefor our customers. Additionally, ourexperience helping thousands of customers has also taught us how to followthese tips as well.

  • Please be confirmed to switch off all theelectrical devices prior to moving. 24 hours is recommended.

  • Mark each box separately to recognize themquickly without unpacking them.

  • Wrap up sensitive items with more padding andpacking to protect them from getting damaged.

Choosing the Right House Mover

Making sure the moving process goes smoothly and enjoyablyrequires choosing a good house mover. Here are a few crucial points you shouldnever miss out on while hiring House moving Singapore services.


Before finally selecting a professional House moving Singapore,compare top Singaporemovers services by doing several quotations. This will help a rough ideaof how much cost you will incur for house moving. Though the cost will varyfrom movers to movers, a standard will still be maintained among them.


While looking for cheap movers in Singapore, we often fail to get qualityservices. Just because their moving service is less expensive doesn't mean theycan't provide high-quality moving services. You can check out their reviews toearn their credibility. You may also ask family and friends who have triedtheir services. This increases your confidence to hire them.

Local Moving Experts

AZ Movers has already helped thousands of local people inSingapore through various types of moving services. As our moving services are abroad range, you won't have to hire additional service providers.

Since the success rate of our moving services is 99%, localpeople from Singapore trust us. More importantly, we know their movingrequirements and suggest to them the proper moving plan. Apart from House moving Singapore services, you can get a lot of otherservices, which you will find on our website homepage. Whether you want to movethe entirety of your House or just certain items, we can help you.

All your furniture will be handled by our trained staff in aprofessional manner. Whether you're moving to a small business or a largecorporation, our team has the resources, experience, and attention to detailyou need.

Start Your Preparations Early

House moving task requires you to prepare early. Since AZMovers will handle all the packaging tasks, you have no reason to purchases anyboxes, cartons, or other packaging materials. We will handle all of them.

However, you should start packing your sensitive, small, andpersonal items at least 20 days before the move. This will save you time. Youdon't have to rush. Most importantly, you will make a better plan of how to sortthem out in different boxes. When the moving schedule comes, we will wrap themup with our packaging, put them inside the boxes, and seal them properly.


"I have already got services from several movingcompanies, but no one gave me as satisfaction as AZ Movers did. They were fastand professional. I was amazed at how quickly they have moved everythingpeacefully. Most importantly, they didn't give me a chance to complain. Everythingwas damage-free. Their pricing plan is affordable too. If you're looking for anexcellent House movingSingapore company, I definitely recommend them."

"The whole moving team was very professional andefficient at delivering high-quality House moving Singapore services. Though the moving task wastiresome, they were active and patient throughout the whole moving journey. Theydidn't harm moving items; all items were safely relocated to my new House.Great services!"

"It was a great experience togetting moving services from this moving company in Singapore. They were honest, friendly, andprofessional. The most important things are that they give more priority totheir customer's satisfaction than anything else. We recommend using AZ Moversif you've had a bad experience with other movers in Singapore. They won'tlet you down!"

Why AZ Movers?

  • Singapore Wide

  • Highly-skilled movers

  • Quick turnaround

  • After Hour Service

Your Next Chapter Awaits You

Stepping through the door of your new house makes it yourhome. Having House movingSingapore services from AZ Movers means you ideally begin your newchapter. Our top specialists will help you move your items from your old hometo your new home with a fuss-free and stress-free experience.Getting House moving Singaporeservices from AZ Movers means you make the right choice. Pick a serviceprovider that is renowned for providing affordable and high-quality homeservices.

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We put the needs of our clients at the top priority forwhatever moving services we provide. Your AZ Movers SG, a reliable movingcompany in Singapore, makes moving straightforward. You can move to any part ofSingapore with the assistance of our moving expert team. Our services arealigned with your needs in order for your moving experience to be as seamlessas possible.