Get The Most Reliable & Hassle Free painting services In Singapore

Get The Most Reliable & Hassle Free painting services In Singapore

Are you moving and don’t have that buddy who will helpyou? Well, you know what’s better than a buddy to help you move? A team ofprofessionals who have been doing it for a long time.

Here at AZ Movers, we have helped thousands of happyclients move their offices and homes with ease. The best part? Our servicesdon’t just end there. We also provide the painting services.

All Our Painting Services

With us, you can cover all painting works in no time.We employ a team of passionate professionals that are trained with perfectionin mind. They have honed their craft so you can be a satisfied customer.

1.     PaintingOnline

With us, you get a completely seamless paintingexperience. Let our trained painters do the work. All you need to do is watchas we deliver the finest coat of paint you can get online. What makes our servicesuper easy for you is the quick and easy process.

How It Works

Step 1 – Call Us to Book an Appointment

Your journey with us will start with a phone callwhere you will tell us what services you need. After an initial briefing fromyou, we will have an inspection. Our team will go to the premises and do acomplete and thorough inspection of what needs to be painted.

We will give show you all the colors you can choosefrom. Confused about which color to go with? Don’t worry. We also provide colorconsultation for painting online.

Step 2 - Painting Begins

Once both of us are satisfied with the color choiceand plans, you will select a date. Any date works for us. Then we will get towork. Our professional painters are trained to work with alot of different types of paint and also can take on any kind of project.

Step 3 – Completing the Job

After the painting is done, our team will ensure youget what you expected and beyond. We’ll give a complete quality-check.

2.     PaintingWood

Painting wood can go two ways. It can either end uplooking absolutely phenomenal and just the way you want it. Or it can becompletely ruined.

With us, all you get is quality. Painting woodrequires a lot of special tools and expertise and we just happen to have both.

The process is simple. When you hire us to get somewood painting done, we will bring every tool to get the job done. We are talking about plastic sheeting, canvas dropcloth, paint, paint tray, liners, prime and everything in between. Whatever isneeded, we will have it to give you the best service you can get for paintingon wood.

How the Magic Happens  

Step 1 – Covering the Surface

Working with paint can be quite messy. So, to beginwith, we will cover the surface with a cloth so that nothing gets painted over. We aren't here to only paint your wooden furniture; weare here to make sure nothing gets ruined as well. So, that’s why everythingaround the furniture is covered to protect them.

Step 2 – Cleaning and Sanding  

Then some wood cleaning is done to make sure it’sready for a brand-new coat. To clean the wood properly we mix TSP with somewater and dip the cloth in it.

The cloth is then squeezed to get rid of any excesswater and then we give the painting surface a good wipe down.

This will eliminate all the grime and dirt. That willgive you a pristine finish. One that you can be proud of. Next up is sanding. We sand the flat areas and alsothe corners. Sanding helps the paint bond with the surface. If we are workingwith furniture that has curves and uneven surfaces, a hand sander will help toreach those nooks and crannies. Then a vacuum is used to get rid of any dust that’sleft from the sanding.

Step 3 - Priming the Wood

At this step, we will start working on the painting.But before any paint can be applied, some priming is needed. The priming willappear a bit chalky at first.

But no worries, things get better. Painting it overwill make the final result much smoother.

Once the primer is completely dried, a second sandingis done and any residual dust is removed. A final wipe with a tack cloth makesthe wood all ready for the actual painting to begin.

Step 4 – Painting the Wood

Now comes the exciting part. Well, for us. We paintthe wood using a roller or a paintbrush. It depends on the surface we’redealing with. To make sure you get the best final result, ¼ of the brush isdipped into the paint and carefully painted. A wet edge is maintained to avoidany lap marks.

Step 5 – Final Sanding and Applying aSecond Coat

Wood can have a bumpy texture. Once the paint iscompletely dried, giving it a final sanding will take care of it. Our carefulsanding process makes sure you get a smooth painted wood surface without harmingthe quality of the paint. After an extremely light sanding, you may want us toapply a second coat. Then it's all about letting the paint dry overnight andvoila! You have one finely painted piece of wood that will look great.

3.     GlassPainting

Have a cool window with glass on it? Want to have itpainted? Look no further. We do that as well. Just tell us what you want and wewill do it for you. No extra headache. You can choose from three different types of servicesfor painting on glass.

a.     Enamels

We do opaque and transparent enamels that lookgorgeous as small enhancements. It will surely give the place some character.

b.     TraditionalStrainer’s Paint

Another service you can choose is traditional strainer's paint. If you want to have a piece control the characteristics andamount of light passing, this will be your best bet.

If you have a design or specific image in your mind, justlet us know and our skilled professionals will give you just what you desire.

c.      SilverStains

If you want a more permanent solution then enter theworld of silver stains. This process becomes the glass structure’s integralpart. If you have ever heard of stained glass, this is basically the samething. We will create beautiful hues and images that looklike masterpieces in their own right. That’s an AZ Movers promise.

4.     PaintingHomes

What is a home that doesn't look the way you want itto be? With us in the picture that won't be a problem anymore. We offercomplete home painting.

Our painters can transform your space into a dreamhome with paint. A good home painting job is worth it and when it’s done byprofessionals, you and everyone who passes by your house will stare in awe. When we embark on painting your home, we don't leaveany stone unturned. You get a complete painting job from start to finish.Everything is covered – decks, fences, porch, garage, sheds, exterior walls,doors, roof and whatever you can think of.

How We Do It

Step 1 – Preparation

There is a careful process involved in paintinghome before the magic happens. Whether you just choose to only paint one part of thehouse or the full house, we will prep the area before we get hands-on. Thatincludes removing all kinds of dirt and other debris from the surfaces andareas to be painted. If there are any water damage woods, broken slidingslats or anything, we can repair/replace it.

With us, you get a one-stop solution to all yourpainting needs. It's as simple as that.

The prep also involves sanding to remove any signs ofold paint. This will give us a clean slate to work with and make the new coatof beautiful paint you're about to get pop even more. A pressure cleaning is done to top it all off. That’sonly the prep.

Step 2 – Priming

Before we start painting, a high-quality primer isapplied. Priming will help the paint stick and further prepare the surface tobe painted over. This part is very crucial and we only employ the best of thebest workforce that take the look of your house as seriously as you do.

Step 3 – Painting

Lastly, it’s time to do some actual painting. We canchoose a color for you depending on your desired style and preference. If you aren’t sure which color you want, you can alsobook a consultancy to see all your options.

5.     PaintingBedroom

Inner beauty matters just as much as the outside,doesn’t it? To make sure our customers get the most out of working with us, weoffer interior bedroom painting services too!

With the right paint coat, you can transform a placeand improve its ambiance. Who doesn't like a room that looks just as good asit’s comfortable to sleep in? The bedroom is one of your most personal spaces –think of it as your little kingdom.

And we are here to take the best care of it. No matterwhat kind of bedroom painting service you need, we do it. And the process ispretty simple yet effective that leaves you with one fine-looking bedroom. Actually, painting for the bedroom is prettysimilar to the house painting process in some way. 

The Process

Step 1 – Prepping the Bedroom

All linens, furniture, floors and whatever you don'twant to be painted over are covered with a high-quality protective sheet. Thiswill keep the paint only where it's meant to be.

Any holes or imperfections are covered and fixed. Thiswill give your bedroom a cleaner look once we are done working our magic. The walls and surfaces are sanded to prepare them for painting.

Step 2 – Painting

The paint of choice is painted. We make sure everynook and cranny are covered and the finish is as smooth and uniform aspossible. Professional painting services have one benefit which is the endfinish. Once you see how your bedroom turns out, you won’tchoose anyone else for any future projects.

Step 3 – Clean up and Final Touches

After all that, we do a final check and qualitycontrol. When that’s all done and dusted, you will be walked through thefinished project to tell us your thoughts. Just in case you’re wondering, we also haveconsultancy for bedroom painting if you don’t exactly know what you want.

Get in Touch

Our painting services are only a phone call away.It’s the best you can get and we make sure to fulfill that promise. All you needto do is talk to our representatives and they’ll guide you all the way through.